A Letter of Welcome!

Kate Kearns Program Director

Dr. Kate Kearns
Residency Director

As Director of the Valley Family Medicine Residency of Modesto, I invite you to get to know us better. We are a 12-12-12 unopposed ACGME residency located in California's Central Valley. A community-based residency affiliated with UC Davis School of Medicine, our training program has roots dating back to the 1950's, when general practice training at the county hospital began. Subsequently, from 1975-2010, the Stanislaus Family Medicine Residency trained almost 300 highly qualified primary care physicians. In July 2010, our new residency, the consortium-based Valley Family Medicine Residency of Modesto was created and subsequently became the first residency in California to be recognized and funded as a Teaching Health Center.

Throughout our history, the local community has offered unyielding support for our training program, as our residents and graduates create the foundation of primary care for the underserved and economically-disadvantaged here in Modesto and surrounding areas. This ethnically and culturally diverse patient population provides outstanding experience for our residents seeking a full-spectrum family medicine training in rural and small town settings. Residents enjoy strong inpatient training at Doctors Medical Center, participating on inpatient adult and inpatient pediatric services and covering both low and high risk obstetrics (with most residents completing 60-80 deliveries, more if desired). Residents practice side-by-side with faculty at our Family Medicine Center, a clinic owned by the Stanislaus Health Services Agency of Stanislaus County and located in the neighborhood of West Modesto. We attract an energetic, dedicated group of residents whose interests vary. Our curriculum allows residents to feed their individual passions for inpatient care, group care, procedures, global health, maternity care, or sports medicine, with many residents choosing to pursue official Areas of Concentration within Family Medicine.

I invite you to delve into our resident-designed website and explore further! We believe you will like what you see!


Dr. Kate Kearns